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Combat Journal uses tried and tested, well proven exercises, designed to enable you to be more open and honest with yourself. Allowing you to be at your natural best.

Expressive writing can help you clear your head; make important connections between thoughts and feelings, and behaviours – granting you access to take more control over your life and put things into perspective.

Creativity is our ability to discover new and original ideas, connections, and solutions to problems. It’s true that certain individuals are more creative than others. Fortunately for you, Combat Journal provides a unique section to express your creativity to acquire and hone your skills.

Most of us have a tendency to live in the past or the future. How often do you find yourself thinking about what happened yesterday, or what might happen tomorrow? Living in the present moment requires that you take the time to appreciate where you are, what you’re doing, and who’s with you. Instead of being caught up in the past or worrying about what might happen in the future. Try to savour each moment as it passes.

With Combat Journal, we offer a section to live in the present and appreciate the here and now.

Unlock your natural best!

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30 mind developing exercises

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How our story began…

It all started as I was growing up as a kid with a burning anxiety developing inside me that I just didn’t quite understand. This made me extremely closed, as I felt as if I had to evaluate my emotions just that little bit more. However I was lucky enough to have a best friend whom I could share everything with.

As I grew older, and at the age of 18 with a passion for the sea, I joined the Royal Navy as a Mine Clearance Diver. And on the 13th March 2007, during my initial naval training, I received a phone call from my mum to tell me that my best friend had passed away in a car crash. I was later given the opportunity to call his parents, although was advised that it was strongly recommended I remained on course and didn’t return home for the funeral. So there I was back to being that anxious kid, at the other end of the country, without my best friend or my family to talk to and I was totally lost in this new world of emotions that I didn’t know how to express. 

I carried a lot of these emotions into my adult life through relationships and a new career, until I heard too many times that I was far too closed and needed to open up more. So with that in mind and a fresh drive to grow as a person, I decided to pick up a pen and write a journal; and I could tangibly notice the changes that began to develop.

The exercises I put together, along with expressive writing, have allowed me to unlock the ability to express myself more clearly and continue to grow each and every day. 

I hope Combat Journal can do for you what it has done for me. 

Sincerely Yours,